We’ve Got Your Back, Neck & Knees Covered!

Finally! Professional quality, waterproof, lightweight, safety cushions designed to protect the backs, necks and knees of plumbers, electricians, mechanics, roofers, painters, carpenters, welders, and contractors everywhere!

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plumber's pillow in black

Plumber’s Pillow Pro™

For Laying Down On The Job ™

Perfect for under-the-sink jobs! Waterproof, and grease resistant.


Kneeling Pillow™

For Kneeling Down On The Job ™

Extra-soft for sore knees! Waterproof, and grease resistant.


Sitting Pillow™

For Sitting Down On The Job ™

Perfect for sitting on a 5-gallon pail! Waterproof, and grease resistant.

plumber's pillow 2x bundle

Package Deal

Get 2 of our products in a package deal for a fraction of the price!